Former City Hall & Jail
Water Tower

Shaniko is located on US 97, 70 miles North of Bend, 57
miles south of Biggs Junction and 135 miles from Portland.
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The Shaniko School opened in 1901 and was closed in
1946. It fell into disrepair but was restored during the
1990's. It now serves as a community hall where
meetings, dances, reunions and receptions are held. A
kitchen has been installed and meals are served at some
functions. It is one of the most photographed old school
buildings in the state of Oregon.
City offices were located upstairs in this building. Fire fighting equipment such as hand
drawn hose carts were stored in the front of the ground floor portion. The three cell jail
located in the rear of the ground floor looks much the same today as in the early 1900's.
The town once had a water system with a large reservoir
and steam operated pumping station located in the
Canyon. Springs supplied the water. The water for the
town was stored in two large capacity wooden tanks
high in the water tower.
Shaniko Jail Cells
The Shaniko Train Station c.1910
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World's Largest Inland Wool Shipping Center
During it's boom town days of 1900-1911, this railhead town
earned the "Wool Capital of the World" title. In 1910 the
official census for Shaniko was 600 residents. There were five
saloons, three hotels and a number of other businesses.
Some of the 1900's era buildings still stand but the heart of
the town burned down in a series of large fires. Photos of
some historic buildings that stand today are included below.
Shaniko Business Pages

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For information about Shaniko Events call (541) 489-3226 or (541)489-3429
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